foreigners1praia asako is the real estate company which supports foreigners in Tokyo and Chiba.

I understand how tough to leave your country and find a place to live, study and work.

In addition, there are different business custom and procedures compared to your country, when you rent or lease a room/house in Japan. Probably it is pretty difficult for foreigners to understand them.

Because of this, many foreigners are facing many troubles when they look for and rent their room/house to live.

praia asako can provide comprehensive services to foreigners to look for a place to live, which other companies might not be able to serve.

We will take care of you!

praia asako has strong points as follows (characteristics)


We have bilingual staff so and you can contact us in English and feel comfortable.
We advice when you buy furniture for one person.
We prepare some information to live in Japan such as paper work in public office.
We support you in 24 hours through e-mail.
With 7 years of experience in this industry, we offer you our service on demand.
Even after you move, we will continue to support and represent you for contacting the management company etc.
Even after the rental housing contract is made, we support you.

To choose a room to live and study without any worries/concern and work in Japan,

praia asako is always available to support you.

About the guarantor

When foreigners rent rooms in Japan, a [Guarantor] is needed.

Unfortunately foreigners are not considered as qualified Guarantor.

Therefore they face difficulties in renting rooms.

To solve the problem, praia asako  introduces ,so called, reliable “rental guarantee company” necessary for foreigners.

Our company acts for the joint surely of a necessary hirer at time of the contract lease of the room/house.

praia asako staff

◆Nakadai Asako

I have experienced of living in Portugal for 2 years.
Surprisingly as being a foreigner in that country,
I was able to find a place to live easily.
Of cource it was a kind country for foreigners, but
I had support of a person who was familiar to the local and I think that it was a major factor for having things done/gone well.
Nothing has been done well if I had to do all by myself.

As having my own experience living in other country,
I would also like to support the students and all foreigners who will come to visit/live in Japan ,looking for they would call “HOME” a place to live.

Please feel at ease and rely on our company as we are very much happy to be at your service and help you find the right room/house.

Use of praia asako

スタッフ紹介When searching through praia asako, please send us an e-mail first to the following e-mail address.


We have English-speaking staffs, so please feel free to contact us anytime.
More convenient if you send inquiries through an e-mail,
you are also welcome to call us directly to the following number.
TEL: +81 47-727-1858(from overseas)
TEL: 047-727-1858

When Contacting us, please include the following information:

-When is your arrival in Japan?
-Around where do you want to find a place to live?
-Around how much do you are going to pay for the monthly rent?
-How many people are planning to live together?

Please give the above information for searching the house of your preference smoothly.

Please feel free to contact us or send any of your concerns and I would be very happy to be at your service.

I look forward to receiving your messages/inquiries.

1-5-6, Gyotokuekimae, Ichikawa-shi, Chiba, Japan 272-0133
TEL +81-47-727-1858
e-mail :
open:10:00-18:00 / close:wednesday


customer’s voice

cv9As a foreigner living in Japan,I hope and believe We all know how hard anddifficult It is to get an apartment or a rent in Japan.

But, I was so lucky to meet this lady with the name NAKADAI ASAKO who
help me as she provided for me an apartment with very excellent conditions,and I was very happy asa well because she speaks English ,so our communication was very smooth and I got an excerent apartment.

Thanks to real estate office 「praia asako」,she is an excellent agent to visit.



customer’s voice2

I found this real-estate agency’s website by googling. At a first glance, I felt foreigner friendliness through the owner’s self-introductory story.
So, I contacted Ms. Nakadai. As expected, she was kind and friendly, and yet work efficiently to find the best and most suitable place for me.
I am very satisfied with the service I got from Paria Asako. praia asako


customer’s voice3

cv10Asako-san is very friendly and nice. She lends her handsfor me for uncountable times.

The apartments she introduced to me was all very pleasing too.

Even though it is hard for me to do lots of things in Japan, due to me being underage, Asako-san never stop helping me with lots of things.

I’m very grad that a friend of mine introduced me to Asako-san’s website. Or eles I wuold not bestaying in my current apartment.

Aside from that, Asako-san is a very trustable woman.I xould never be thankful enough for all the troubles she needed to face as she was trying her best to help me.

May other foreigners finds Asako-san’s friendliness and depends on her on finding a suitable place to stay in Japan.


customer’s voice4

Foreign student from Vietnam.cv_vetnam

customer’s voice5